Que Sera, Sera

You know how I hate getting text and when I reply, I get no response at all. 🌵

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You scared me. Now you have to hug me until I fall asleep.
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You missed the chances where you can be happy with me.

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Don’t give up on me, baby.

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It’s funny that I can’t stay mad at you because I am madly in love with you.

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I wanna chill out with you and know the reasons why. The fvckin’ real reason for you to leave me alone.

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You told me I was your only one and I kept that in my heart. I feel happy every time I think of that thought but suddenly, I realized I can never trust you because I’ve heard that thought gazillion times with different persons that I considered special to me.

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It’s funny that you’re writing your thoughts which is not relatable to your life. It just that everything comes up unexpectedly and you have no idea why the hell it popped up on your mind.

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I missed writing about something. Don’t you worry. It’s not about you, it’s something about what my heart says, and my mind. The moment where tears are uncontrollably falling throughout my eyes and that’s it, the time will pass by and no one will notice.

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When it rains, all I can think about is you. The water that pours from the heavy clouds where it can’t take too much carrying that’s why it spreads all throughout places. I, like the clouds, is not capable of carrying too much burdens and pains. And all I can do is to cry and the reason of every teardrop is you.

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